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A Seafood Gem (Okay, a Pearl)

imageI am not an impulse buyer; however, after seeing the photo of lobster stew that would be available New Year’s Day, I impulsively drove myself over the bridge to order it. The bowl initially looked small for an entree but was deceiving. It with jammed with potato, carrot, snap peas, truffle butter, cream, sherry, and of course chunks of lobster. It paid off to be impulsive!



Whether you like Mario Batali or not – I obviously do, if you’ve seen my blog posts – you have to respect a chef/restaurant owner who has four restaurants on Michelin’s 2014 NYC Star Ratings list. What I want to know, though, without him giving shameless self promotion, is what restaurants someone like Mario enjoys for himself. And here it is:, however, eats on a celebrity income; I, on the other hand, pretend to do that once or twice a year. His restaurants, in comparison to other star chefs’, are quite affordable though. As I’m perusing the list of NYC restaurants, it’s “skip, too expensive”, “skip”, “oh, this is a possibility”… I remember Cornelia Street because it’s where Mario’s first NYC restaurant (no longer his) opened in 1993  is located, and it is the first Batali eatery I ever patronized, and thus the catalyst for my sickening Batali dining…

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